Rapid Recovery Towing

Rapid Recovery Towing

Rapid Recovery Towing

Equipmemnt and Lowboy Services

Rapid Recovery provides efficient and reliable landall and lowboy services to our valued customers. Even when not mired in mud, heavy construction equipment must be transported to and from a job site. Rapid's lowboy flatbeds trailers are permitted to a 120,000 lbs and are ideal for this purpose, providing a stable and worry free ride. Your equipment arrives on time, and ready to get to work!

Smaller equipment must also be transported. Working in tandem, our heavy duty crane truck and transport flatbed make this an easy job! Even if you are renting the equipment for a one time project, Rapid can pick it up at the facility and transport it to your location without a hassle!


Lowboy Services

Rapid Recovery offers an unprecedented weight limit for its lowboy capacity, nearly 120,000 lbs. This allows us to move loads that other companies can’t even budge. Our lowboy flatbeds are idea for moving the heaviest construction equipment to and from job sites with the utmost stability and care. Smaller equipment can also be transported easily and effectively, as our heavy duty crane truck and transport flatbed make moving this equipment a breeze. Whether large or small, rest assured your equipment will arrive on time and ready to operate!

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