Rapid Recovery Towing

Rapid Recovery Towing

Rapid Recovery Towing

Roadside Assistance

Our top-notch team of service technicians offers premier and specialized assistance for an immense range of roadside issues. The Rapid Recovery crew has provided expert service for stranded drivers for over 25 years. Our response time is second to none and we hold each and every job to our high standard of excellence, no matter how big or small. All technicians have attended leading accredited training programs the industry has to offer and beyond that, are polite, well-groomed, and genuinely care about solving your problem. All technicians are certified drug and felony free.

Rapid Recovery Towing can assist you with:

  • -Jump-start
  • -Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • -Breakdowns
  • -Vehicle Fires
  • -Overheated Vehicles
  • -Police Impounds
  • -No Starts
  • -Lockouts
  • -Tire changes
  • -Running out of gas
  • -On-site battery replacement*

*Rapid Recovery is able to test your battery on-site and if need be, recharge or replace your battery to get your vehicle up and running quickly. We carry a full range of car and truck batteries that come with warranty protection.

Safety Tips

Regardless of how well maintained your vehicle may be, or how careful a driver you are, breakdowns, accidents and equipment failures do occur. Knowing what to do in an emergency will help you avoid further injury, damage, and complications to your insurance claim. Follow these simple steps if you find yourself in an emergency situation:

1. Get Yourself to Safety!
Make sure you are in a safe place! If possible, pull off to the side of the road, out of the traffic flow. If your car does NOT move, DO NOT get out and attempt to push it! If your car will not move and you are in the traffic flow, get out of your vehicle and stand well back on the shoulder of the road to wait for assistance to arrive.

2. Call Rapid Recovery at (631) 728-7752
With Rapid, you NEVER get an answering service! A Live Dispatcher is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

3. Help Us to Help You!
The more complete and accurate the information you provide to us, the faster and more efficiently we can help you get up and on your way again.

Please have the following information ready when you call:

A. Your Location:
If you are at a home or commercial building, the exact address is the best. However, we know that if you are out on the road, you don't always know exactly where you are. The more accurate you can be, the faster we can arrive to assist you.

B. Your Direction of Travel:
On a small local road, this is not as important as it is on a large or divided highway. Knowing your travel direction will help avoid unnecessary delays!

C. The Year, Make, Model and License Plate of Your Vehicle:
We have a large and varied fleet of vehicles standing by, waiting to service your call. However, knowing what kind of vehicle you are driving will help our crew find you, and insure that the proper size or type of recovery vehicle is dispatched to you in case you do need to be towed.

D. Description of Your Emergency:
Sometimes this is easy to answer: You have a flat tire, or a dead battery. At other times it is not. You may have been on the highway and your car just stopped working. Try to be as accurate as possible when describing what you were doing or how your vehicle was acting when the breakdown occurred.

That's it! A trained professional with a recovery vehicle will be on its way to assist you and there before you know it.

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